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401K Questions for Individuals-

Do you know what retirement plans your company offers, and how to participate in them? Or do you just sign up for the meetings to catch up on sleep?

Do you realize how even small contributions to a retirement plan can grow over time? Have you ever seen the damage a slow water leak can cause over time?

When was the last time you reviewed your retirement plan to determine if the investments you are participating in are best for you? Are you one of those people who get stuck in the default investment? Are your pants the same size they were ten years ago?

Do you promise yourself that you’ll “get around to your retirement account” and never do? Do you hide it at the bottom of your “to do” list behind lose weight, run for congress, have a colonoscopy?

Do you feel under compensated? Don’t start taking office supplies home, check out the possibility of an employer matching contribution to your retirement account! Are you voluntarily missing out on a benefit?

401K Question For Business-

Is your company’s retirement plan mysterious and painful?

Are you maximizing your benefits under the retirement plan? Did you just say “Benefits?”

Do your employees drive you crazy with questions about the company retirement plan? Or lack of one? Do you keep pepper spray on your desk?

Have you ever wanted to discuss the plan, or the potential of a plan, but you were afraid it would result in an endless stream of emails and phone calls from product sales people resulting in your entering the witness protection program?



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